Nicholas Mitsakos

Arcadia Capital Group, a proprietary algorithmic investment fund, is proud to announce that our world-class software development team has launched Arcadia’s new proprietary trading platform. This platform focuses its strategies on public securities, including equities, derivatives, futures, and crypto. Arcadia Capital Group

The team’s scientific and technological background, investment, and entrepreneurial experience enable it to develop our disciplined, algorithmic, and proprietary approaches that both manage risk in increasingly and more intense volatile markets, and profit disproportionately from this volatility. Arcadia’s Team

 Arcadia’s investment strategy focuses on risk management and generating superior risk-adjusted returns. Our algorithms analyze market conditions, industry sectors, and micro and macroeconomic factors, among other inputs, in building our proprietary investment strategy.

 Arcadia combines rigorous inquiry, data analysis, innovation, and creativity to solve the toughest challenges in investment management. Our ideas are backed by thorough data analysis and sophisticated predictive models. Arcadia has a strong culture of rigorous analysis and scientific research, and this is the foundation of our successful quantitative investment process. About Arcadia

 Arcadia also uses discretionary strategies to discover and capture pricing inefficiencies within the public markets. This process is also highly rigorous, maintaining a low correlation to the broader public markets. Our discretionary strategies are a hybrid that combines our systematic and algorithmic approach to specific opportunities, but these opportunities are always filtered through our quantitative tools.

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