Nicholas Mitsakos, Chairman and CEO

Nicholas Mitsakos

Nicholas Mitsakos is an investor, entrepreneur, author, and lecturer. As CEO of Arcadia, he manages Arcadia’s proprietary algorithmic investment fund. He has also written two books on investment principles, strategies, and cross-disciplinary thinking: Investment Principles: Strategies for an Irrational World and Transformation and Investing: Disruption, Opportunity, and Absurdity. He has also published research here under Writing and Podcasts and lectures at several world-leading institutions.

An entrepreneur and investor, Nicholas has focused his career on innovation and disruptive technologies. He has served on over 35 boards of directors and worked with many management teams to build transformative and successful companies, He forms effective teams and ecosystems addressing strategic and operating issues, and guiding investments effectively.

Arcadia exemplifies this – a world-class team implementing disruptive proprietary algorithms delivering superior results.

Nicholas has advanced degrees from the Harvard Business School (MBA), the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Computer Science and Advanced Technologies), and the Harvard Kennedy School (Global Leadership and Public Policy). He also has a B.S. from the University of Southern California in Biology and Computer Science.

Mr. Mitsakos is a member of the MIT Technology Review Global Panel, active with Harvard University’s Innovation Center, a member of the President’s Circle of the Milken Institute (until 2015), and a lecturer at UCLA’s Anderson School of Business (from 1993 to 1998).