Focus, Knowledge, and Long-term Perspective




Investment Philosophy

Chairman Nicholas Mitsakos believes industry focus, deep knowledge, and a long-term perspective are the critical factors for sustainable investment success. Arcadia focuses on technology and life sciences where we believe applying these critical factors creates a sustainable competitive advantage. Risks and volatility are high, therefore knowing as much as possible from multiple sources and perspectives, and developing a conviction based on substance, not hype, is the difference that determines success.



Nicholas Mitsakos has developed this investment process and it allows Mr. Mitsakos and Arcadia to find unusual investment opportunities, regardless of market conditions. These opportunities are typically not obvious, or generally recognized in the financial press or by analysts because, we believe, too many other investors find comfort in consensus. 


Arcadia Capital and Nicholas Mitsakos focus on long-term value, not short-term cycles or temporary market favorites. This investment strategy has proven to produce superior returns over a substantial period of time, outperforming the markets through compounding returns, by avoiding risk, and patiently waiting for undervalued opportunities. Arcadia will not join the more typical investment managers who tend to pursue short-term gains, and doing so, sacrifice long-term wealth. Money is made when the crop is planted, not when it’s harvested.

How WE Work

Arcadia Capital and Nicholas Mitsakos rely on close relationships with entrepreneurs, industry experts, executives, investors, and clients. Arcadia and Mr. Mitsakos have formed a “network of networks” that Nicholas Mitsakos believes is Arcadia’s fundamental competitive advantage. Since Arcadia typically has a minority perspective….it is crucial that we confirm our investment approach with our broad, deep, and knowledgeable network, as well as our clients. This gives us the confidence to pursue our strategy of buying what others are selling, identifying the most undervalued opportunities, and aggressively pursuing the most attractive investments, even if they are considered out-of-favor. Arcadia’s strategy only really works if our partners and network are aligned with us. Arcadia Capital Group and Nicholas Mitsakos work as a team to identify unique….even if these assets appear pricy. True value may be misplaced because markets can underestimate powerful growth and competitive strength.


About Arcadia Capital Group