About Arcadia Capital Group

Arcadia Capital Group is a proprietary algorithmic investment fund focused on delivering superior risk-adjusted returns.

Arcadia Capital Group is an automated “All Weather” investment fund. Our investment strategy profits under any market conditions and is designed to withstand and profit from more frequent and intense market volatility.

Arcadia’s algorithms trade public securities, including equities, futures, currencies, and derivatives, and our algorithms determine Arcadia’s portfolio composition, holding period, and reallocation.

Proprietary Algorithms

Arcadia’s investment strategy is automated, and our holding period ranges from “fast” (settling by the end of the day), “medium-term” (several weeks or longer), to “long term” (indefinite holding period), as determined by our algorithms.

Since our strategy is automated, Arcadia does not have a long or short bias and tends to be market neutral. Market conditions may generate long-biased or short-biased strategies at times, but overall, Arcadia’s automated strategy is typically market neutral.

Arcadia integrates quantitative investing and automated portfolio construction derived from years of experience, research, and discretionary judgment. Arcadia will use discretionary investment judgment when appropriate for allocating capital among different investment strategies and securities if unusual market conditions dictate that, but we trust our algorithms.

Trust the Algorithm

We follow the discipline of our algorithms and do not believe in separating these strategies. Arcadia believes generating superior returns with significantly less risk is when automation from years of experience and discretionary investing is combined with extensively tested and verified quantitative algorithms.

Arcadia combines experienced investment judgment, advanced computer science, disciplined research, and machine learning to create our proprietary investment strategies.

The Market Doesn’t Matter

Arcadia’s investment portfolio is anti-fragile – it profits whether the market is up, down, or sideways. Arcadia’s proprietary portfolio is not impacted by market volatility and our trading strategy profits from this volatility. Therefore, Arcadia’s overall investment target is a low-risk, high-return portfolio.

Risk-adjusted Returns

 Arcadia expects more frequent and intense market volatility. Therefore, our disciplined algorithmic strategy manages risk, and Arcadia’s portfolio is constructed to profit from this volatility.

Arcadia’s investment strategy focuses on risk management and generating superior risk-adjusted returns. We build our proprietary investment strategy by analyzing many factors, including market conditions, industry sectors, micro and macroeconomic factors, and other variables.

Portfolio Investments

Arcadia combines its automated strategies and proprietary trading to discover and capture pricing inefficiencies within the public markets. Our process is rigorous, thorough, and disciplined. Most importantly, our investments have a low correlation to the broader public markets. This means that Arcadia’s portfolio tends to have much lower volatility and risk than the overall public markets.

Arcadia’s portfolio construction strategy enables us to generate effective risk management while capturing superior returns.

Discretionary Strategy

Arcadia’s discretionary strategy makes investment portfolio choices and allocations combining our systematic and algorithmic approach to specific opportunities. Even though these investments are discretionary choices, all investment decisions are filtered through our quantitative tools.

Arcadia applies its analytically rigorous investment approach to all aspects of its portfolio.

Trading Platform

Arcadia’s proprietary trading platform focuses its strategies on public securities, including equities, derivatives, futures, and currencies. Arcadia’s Proprietary Trading Platform

The team’s scientific and technological background, investment, and entrepreneurial experience enable us to develop disciplined, algorithmic, and proprietary approaches. These manage risk and profit disproportionately from more frequent and intense volatile markets. Arcadia’s Team

Risk Management

Arcadia focuses on risk management. Our algorithms analyze market conditions, industry sectors, and micro and macroeconomic factors, among other inputs, and build a low-risk, high-return portfolio using our proprietary investment strategy.

Arcadia combines rigorous inquiry, data analysis, innovation, and creativity to solve the toughest challenges in investment management. Our ideas are generated by thorough data analysis and sophisticated predictive tools.

Arcadia has a strong culture of rigorous analysis and scientific research, and this is the foundation of our successful quantitative investment process. About Arcadia

 Arcadia’s Knowledge, Perspective, and Network

Arcadia has an extensive network of industry-leading technologists and scientific experts, entrepreneurs, investors, board members, and business leaders giving us multiple perspectives, deep knowledge, and an ability to understand and capture industry trends and disruptions. Our technical and scientific focus, extensive due diligence, deep understanding, and long-term perspective are critical factors for investment success.

Rational Investors in an Increasingly Irrational Market.

Arcadia’s investment strategy combines all these critical factors and enables us to target superior risk-adjusted returns and a sustainable competitive advantage.

Risks and volatility are high. Extensive knowledge and multiple perspectives are critical for Arcadia’s investment strategy, one that is based on substance and discipline, not hype, and gives Arcadia and its partners the best chance for success.

Most of all, Arcadia’s discipline and proprietary investment strategies enable our team to be rational investors in an increasingly irrational market.

The Team

Arcadia’s team, Nicholas Mitsakos, Rocky Phagura, and Kelly Lyons are experienced investors, managers, and technologists, as well as entrepreneurs and innovators.

Most of all, the team is rational, disciplined, patient, and thoughtful in an increasingly irrational market.