About Arcadia Capital Group

Arcadia Capital Group manages venture capital, public equity investments, and provides strategic, management, and operating advice to technology, life science, and investment companies.

We work with technology and life sciences companies developing breakthroughs in medical science, artificial intelligence, machine learning, drug development, cloud infrastructure, blockchain computing, and software services.

We analyze market conditions, industry sectors, and macroeconomic factors to provide strategic advice and specific investment recommendations to investment managers and family offices. 

Arcadia has an extensive network of industry experts, entrepreneurs and investors, former board members and industry leaders giving us multiple perspectives, deep knowledge, and an ability to understand and capture industry trends and disruptions. Our industry focus, extensive due diligence, deep understanding, and long-term perspective are critical factors for investment success. Arcadia’s technology and life sciences investments are where we believe these critical factors create a sustainable competitive advantage.

Risks and volatility are high, therefore knowing as much as possible from multiple sources and perspectives, and developing an investment conviction based on substance, not hype, is the difference that gives our companies the best chance for success.

Arcadia’s chairman, Nicholas Mitsakos, is an investor and entrepreneur focusing on technology and life sciences with over 30 years of experience.

Nicholas Mitsakos

Mr. Mitsakos is an investor and entrepreneur focusing on advanced technology and health science. At Arcadia Capital Group, he advises several private technology, health sciences and investment companies. He also manages venture capital and public equity investments.

Most recently, he was the Executive Chairman of a public biotech company, Co-Chairman, and CEO of a public software company, Chairman of an advanced materials company, Lead Director of a fixed income fund, and Managing Director of a technology-focused merchant bank.

As Chairman of Arcadia Capital Group, through offices in San Francisco and London (and cooperative arrangements in Shanghai and Singapore) invested in companies in the U.S., Asia (mostly China), and Europe over the last 30 years. Mr. Mitsakos has served on the board of directors to over 30 companies.

Mr. Mitsakos started his career at Goldman Sachs and co-founded Arcadia in 1989.

He holds an MBA from the Harvard Business School and degrees from the Harvard Kennedy School in Leadership and Public Policy, the MIT School of Computer Science in Advanced Technologies, and a B.S. from the University of Southern California. He is a contributor to Harvard University’s Innovation Center and a former lecturer at UCLA’s Anderson School of Business.

He is a member of the MIT Technology Review Global Panel.

Mr. Mitsakos developed a 40-lecture course on Investment Principles and Strategies. An accompanying book will be published soon.

Mr. Mitsakos assists UCLA’s Center for Cerebral Palsy and the Neurological Rehabilitation Hospital of the Pacific. He is a Harvard Community Partner and volunteers at The People Concern in Santa Monica, CA.

Nicholas Mitsakos

Nicholas Mitsakos


The Team

Arcadia Capital Group’s team consists of individuals with different professional focus and personal experience. Our team members are affiliates with other firms and universities, and work with our companies depending on the specific situation, Arcadia’s requirements, and a given company’s needs. The team is a combination of the following:

  1. Industry-leading executives with years of strategic and operating experience. Each has served as a senior manager, typically CEO, as well as on several boards of directors to both public and private companies.
  2. Entrepreneurs with successful (typically multiple) startup and growth-company experience. They are co-founders of some successful new ventures, as well as senior executives who contributed to the revenue generation, growth, and success of multiple businesses.
  3. Academics from some of the world’s leading universities specializing in science, technology, and management. Each individual is expert in areas such as computer science, artificial intelligence and machine learning, software development, networking, immunotherapy, neuroscience, cardiovascular science, and biological research.

Knowledge and Multiple Perspectives

Arcadia’s team brings its industry expertise and experience, and perhaps more importantly, its team’s different perspectives gained from multiple and varied sources including industry and academia. We believe this diversity gives us the ability to deliver unique value to all the companies we advise and enables us to form more effective investment strategies. Arcadia coordinates and delivers these perspectives from our team members to our companies and investment policies.

Focus and Experience

Our executives are experienced managers who have overseen international operations and coordinated challenging strategic and operational issues. Our entrepreneurs have initiated and built successful businesses and industries ranging from networking, wireless communication, SaaS, cybersecurity, software and hardware development, and biotechnology – including vaccine and therapeutic drug development.

Our academic advisors are focused on the latest and most important technological and scientific developments. Typically, they are the leaders in these areas of research and innovation and are driving progress in their specific fields. They share their insight, knowledge, technical and scientific perspective with us.

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