Applied research and academic rigor are a core part of our DNA. We publish research on topics ranging from security valuation, competitive analysis, market conditions, geopolitical updates, technological innovations, market disruptions, and emerging trends.

We also provide real-time updates on specific events including meaningful market developments, material economic and socio-economic changes, along with other topical events that have the potential to impact our portfolio and investment strategy.

We are constantly in search of innovative ideas and next-generation thinking. We present our ideas and perspectives to share our thinking and promote excellence among our partners, policymakers, and academics. We openly invite debate, creativity, and the sharing of ideas.

We produce articles, research papers, and podcasts (as well as a draft of a book, “Investment Principles and Strategies” written by our CIO) describing our latest analysis and understanding, and we also gain expertise and perspective from the experiences of other leaders, innovators, and disruptors whom we follow closely.

We believe that clients are best served through our lifelong learning, challenging traditional thinking, and questioning assumed knowledge.

Technical skills and knowledge, leadership and management, and lifelong learning and personal enrichment benefit our partners, principals, and clients.

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